Rebuilding Together Of The Triangle builds safe homes and communities for everyone. 

Our mission at RTT is repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

We make a sustainable impact, ensuring vulnerable homeowners – including seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families with children – live in safe, healthy homes.

A Shelter for Chris

Chris has a disability requiring use of a wheelchair. His wife Diane is visually impaired and relies on him for transportation.

Flooring in the couple’s home was unable to withstand wheelchair use, despite being twice replaced over the past few years. We installed durable laminate flooring, so the home’s flooring will be fully accessible now and for years to come.

While working on the flooring repair, our crew noticed that Chris was leaving his wheelchair at the end of the home’s ramp whenever he drove Diane to an appointment. To keep his chair protected, he had to cover it with a tarp. The process was excessively burdensome.

After repairing the floors, our crew constructed a simple shelter at the end of the ramp to provide secure protection for Chris and for his wheelchair, making everyday life much simpler for Chris and Diane.