Rebuilding Together Of The Triangle builds safe homes and communities for everyone. 

Our mission at RTT is repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

We make a sustainable impact, ensuring vulnerable homeowners – including seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families with children – live in safe, healthy homes.

Repairs for Maxine

Maxine is a 63-year-old Durham homeowner who’s on disability. For decades, she worked in various jobs, eventually ending up as a bus driver for the NCDOT while going back to school in her spare time. She also served as the primary caretaker for her mother who had advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Maxine’s work and school ambitions came to an abrupt end after a severe back injury she sustained while trying to lift her ailing mother.

Although the injury occurred nearly 20 years ago, Maxine says the past eleven years have been the most difficult as home maintenance issues have continued to add up around her. Her disability benefits are barely enough to make ends meet, much less repair her home.

RTT recently partnered with our friends from McAdams to replace windows, repair sub-flooring, and install new vinyl flooring—repairs that will have a major impact on Maxine’s daily life and wellbeing.

In her words, “this means everything to me, because I don’t know how I could get these repairs done otherwise. In the winter it’s so cold because the air comes right through the windows. This just means the world--you have no idea.”