Overcoming Predatory Lending

Dorothy and her family are long-time residents of their southeast Wake County community. For decades, she was known to her neighbors for actively keeping up her home and yard. A few years ago, however, Dorothy fell victim to high-cost, predatory lenders that prey on seniors. Loan expenses along with rising energy bills and home deterioration soon began to take a toll.  A refrigerator leak even put her kitchen floor at risk of caving in.

 With help from the Town of Garner, Legal Aid of NC, and many volunteers, we restored her home. Naturally, Dorothy insisted on contributing to our work. She shadowed volunteers, cleaning up behind them, stopping to pull weeds, and continually thanking everyone for their efforts. Although Dorothy uses a cane for balance, she frequently set it aside during our workdays so she could have both hands free. Finding where she put her cane was a whole other matter! We’re truly delighted to have had the chance to work alongside Dorothy and her family.