Home By Home


That’s what we do. Go home by home, preserving the memories and stability that lie within their walls, restoring a sense of security to Triangle homeowners living in unhealthy conditions. Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home regardless of their means.

Imagine your son needing to be carried by neighbors into your home because you couldn't afford a ramp. Or what if, after having paid for cancer treatments, you could no longer afford an HVAC repair to provide heat for your family during the winter. Or picture serving your country, returning home bound to a wheelchair and no longer physically or safely being able to use your kitchen. These were Ms. Margaret's, Cameron's, and Mr. Green's stories.

But they are no longer thanks to the work our incredible supporters have helped to fund throughout the years. One wheelchair ramp, one new HVAC system, and one set of wheelchair-accessible kitchen cabinets later, and the houses of Ms. Margaret, Cameron, and Mr. Green have been transformed into safe and healthy homes again!

Will you help us continue to mobilize, restore, and transform lives and homes? Your gift or monthly pledge will allow us to serve others in the same positions as Ms. Margaret, Cameron, and Mr. Green once were. Please help us raise $50,000 by December 31, 2017. There has never been a more important time to support.

Restore Safety and Health One Repair At A Time!


dryer vent $25

New dryer vent provides Paul the peace of mind that he's safe from an unexpected house fire.

shower grab bar $50

New shower grab-bar reduces the risk of Rachel, a grandmother of five, falling in the shower

outdoor railing $100

New porch railings ensure that Frederick can come and go from his home safely and independently.

flooring $250

Durable flooring instead of carpet allows Judy's asthmatic grandson to come over without having breathing issues.

Give at one of the above recommended levels or at an amount of your choosing!

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