Meet Robert

Robert is raising two teenage sons and has lived in Durham for decades. He has not been able to work for several years due to a disability, and it’s been challenging. The cost of making repairs on their home never made it into the monthly budget, and small maintenance tasks turned into significant projects. When his sons started experiencing breathing problems stemming from the worn out carpet, Robert knew it was time to ask for help. He began doing research and found that several different agencies in Durham provide home repairs. He applied to one agency, and was put on the waiting list. He applied to another agency, and the same thing happened. A third application, a third waiting list. Robert grew more worried and frustrated with each time he went through all the steps to apply, only to be told to wait… again…

At Rebuilding Together of the Triangle, we have experienced too many heartbreaking stories like Robert’s. That is why we are working to improve the delivery system for home repairs across the Triangle region along with our home repair partners in Chatham, Durham, Orange and Wake Counties. We all know that we need to repair more homes, and it’s essential that when Robert reaches out for help, he becomes more than just a name on a waiting list – or worse, a name on three waiting lists.


The whole system will be able to address the needs of more families, and each of them will have a better experience in the process.

To improve the homeowner experience, we are piloting use of shared waiting lists, centralized assessment and collaborative case management to ensure that no family waits longer than they need to for help.


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