Rebuilding Together Of The Triangle builds safe homes and communities for everyone. 

Our mission at RTT is repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

We make a sustainable impact, ensuring vulnerable homeowners – including seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families with children – live in safe, healthy homes.

A Creative Solution

Nick served in the Navy from 1966-1970 as a radio operator on the USS Moale. According to his wife, Rosemary, Nick was grateful to serve his country and still enjoys operating a Ham Radio today. But his ability to pursue that hobby and other interests had become limited in recent years due to challenges at home on their stairs.

Rosemary was growing quite concerned about Nick’s labored breathing. When our team arrived to inspect the property, they understood why. The couple needed a major accessibility modification between their home and their driveway; the stairs had become too dangerous for both of them.

Our team got creative and constructed one the largest ramps they have ever assembled: 79 feet!  Piecing together more than three ramps, they created a single, massive ramp. The structure ensures that Nick and Rosemary will enjoy home accessibility for years to come. And it gives Nick a chance to catch his breath on the radio, too.

“They did an absolutely incredible job in a short period of time,” said Rosemary. “No matter what we asked of them, they were attentive and just wonderful,” she continued. “It has made it so much easier on him and me!”