Helping a Willow Spring veteran

Sep 26, 2022

Jim served in the Army from 1958-1960, then served another eight years on reserve. For more than 30 years, he has lived in his 1,230 square-foot home in Willow Spring. In 2020, he lost his beloved wife of 65 years . Then, last December, he was diagnosed with cancer, for which he is currently undergoing treatment. With medical bills mounting, Jim also found himself in need of roofing, windows, and flooring.

Our friends with BSA Lifestructures were there to help–generously sponsoring and volunteering to make repairs. Jim is absolutely delighted with the improvements to his home. He thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories with the volunteers and he remains in good spirits with an improved quality of life at home.

With medical bills mounting, a local veteran found his home in need of roofing, windows, and flooring.