Transformations for a Gulf War Veteran

Feb 22, 2019

After serving more than a decade in the US Army, Gulf War veteran Gordon began suffering from a painful, degenerative health complication. Over time, he increasingly began relying on a wheelchair. Gordon’s gradual loss of mobility was especially challenging because he and his wife Mary have a young adult son with special needs.

The family applied for and received a VA grant for accessibility modifications to their home. Unfortunately, those modifications required bringing the home up to code, pushing costs painfully out of reach.

Lennar Homes helped us fill that cost gap, rallying its network of vendors and volunteers to make radical renovations over the course of nearly five months. Energy efficient standards also were incorporated to lower monthly electric bills and provide the family with additional capacity to meet their basic needs.

Gordon, who is known locally for his volunteerism, was overwhelmed by the life-changing transformation.

“How this ended up being me is beyond me,” he said. “This is going to be like a big painkiller for a while—I’m looking forward to it.”

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“How this ended up being me is beyond me," he said. "This is going to be like a big painkiller for a while—I'm looking forward to it.”